I’ve been smoking weed since I was a young kid and now after 20 years, the effects of weed on my brain became evident. My mind started to turn foggy and I would forget why I walked into a room or what movie was about. It was as if there was a cloud around me that wouldn’t go away.

I couldn’t remember things that happened two days ago even though at one time, this wasn’t the case. In fact , it seemed like ever since I started smoking weed for 20 years straight, my memory got worse and worse by the day .

Then one day out of nowhere, something inside me just urged me to quit smoking weed which turned out to be a great decision in retrospect because after quitting weed and experiencing clarity for the first time in years, I finally went back to writing for my blog and I rediscovered why weed is bad for your brain.

Apparently , studies show that smoking weed for 20 years straight can cause short-term memory loss which is why I started to forget why I walked into a room or why did I go downstairs in the basement.

It’s because when you smoke weed, it starts to affect your brain cells which is why after 20 years of smoking every single day , things like drawing, painting or generally speaking, creating stuff became difficult .

As if that wasn’t enough , after smoking weed for 20 years straight, my brain turned foggy and not only was my mind no longer sharp but also very slow .

Usually when this happens, it’s because weed would interfere with good brainwave function which is why I am typing this article, having to think about each and every word so that you guys get what took me forever to say.

It got so bad at one point of my life, I liked to turn of the lights so no one could see how terrible I looked but that wasn’t enough because then I had all these problems with remembering things that had just happened two days ago .

One day, instead of taking out the trash like I always did , I walked into the woods and started throwing rocks at birds which is why my friends stopped hanging out with me .

Apparently , smoking weed for 20 years straight can also make you feel unmotivated towards your goals in life, which is why it took me forever to start writing for my blog again.

I would spend hours on end, trying to think of what the heck I was going to say next but all that changed once I stopped smoking weed and had clarity back in my life , which made things like writing easier.

If you are reading this article now , make sure not to smoke weed too much because according to studies, if you smoke more than four joints a day for several years straight or even worse, 20 years straight , it can increase your risks of developing schizophrenia by 40 percent which is why I am so happy that after quitting weed for good, I don’t hear any voices in my head telling me what do anymore.

So why do people smoke weed and why do you keep smoking weed after all of the terrible side effects mentioned above? I don’t know why but I know why you should quit smoking weed for good and live a healthier life.