If you are anything like me, what you eat and drink is tremendously important. But what about what we drink before and after a workout?

The truth of the matter is: what we drink does make a difference! While there is no set formula for what to drink or what not to drink before or after your workout. There are definitely some guidelines we can follow.

Let’s take a closer look at what I consider to be the best drinks (and best foods) for pre-workout and post-workout.

The Best Pre-Workout Drinks

When it comes to what beverages should I consume as part of my pre-workout routine; the answer really depends on what time you wake up in the morning and how far away your workout is.

These are what I would consider being your best pre-workout drinks:

Water (with lemon) – Water is what you should drink first thing every morning. It helps flush toxins, rehydrates our cells and tissues, and provides a good source of energy for the brain.  

But what about what you drink right before a workout or competition? Only water will do! You don’t want to consume anything else 30 minutes prior to your workout as it could cause discomfort during your training session.  

Also, any other beverage consumed isn’t going to give you that quick boost of energy that you may need in order to get through those grueling workouts.  

I know what you’re probably thinking now: what about what I drink after my workout? Keep reading!

Gatorade – Gatorade is what I have been consuming for over a decade before my workouts and races.

Why?  For the electrolytes! Electrolytes are what’s going to give you that rapid increase in energy levels when you’re on the track. In addition, what also happens with electrolytes is that they help replenish what your body needs after your workout.

What makes Gatorade so special? The power of sugar + electrolytes (which incidentally creates more sugar).

Sugar (maltodextrin) is what gives us our fuel and what we use during short anaerobic work like football training drills or sprints on the track.

These sugars stimulate insulin production which helps transport those glycogen stores to our muscles.

Coffee/ Coffee with cream – The best pre-workout drink for those who are serious about what they are drinking is coffee or coffee with cream, if possible.

If you’re looking to get an energy boost that’s going to last you throughout your entire workout, what better way than the caffeine in coffee?  You can thank me later!

The Best Post Workout Drinks

I have covered what I believe are some of the best workout drinks out there; what about what we should be consuming after a grueling session at the gym?

Everyone has different goals and will follow different programs but here is what I would consider being your best post-workout drinks:

Gatorade – This is what I would recommend to everyone post-workout. The sugar and electrolytes in Gatorade will help with what we want: replenishing what’s lost during our workouts and providing what we need for our next training session.  You can thank me later!

Mio – Has anyone ever heard of Mio? I’m not really sure but what I do know is that it’s what you need after a workout.

Why? Because it has what you’re looking for: protein, carbs, and electrolytes (sodium + potassium).  

Again, if you’re looking for an energy boost that lasts throughout your entire day then what better way than with the protein/carb combo found in Mio.  

Carbs – We all know what we need after a workout: carbs! And what better way than with waffles, pancakes, or bananas?  The best source of carbohydrates you can look for is what’s found in oatmeal.