Smoking is one of the biggest health problems facing society today. Many people smoke and it is difficult to give up smoking because of addiction to nicotine.

You may want to stop smoking, but you may feel that is is too late for you. You might think that there is no point in giving up smoking now as it is already damaging your health and shortening your life. Here are some reasons why stopping is still a good idea:

1) Your friends and family will be glad you have stopped. They will benefit from being around a healthy person rather than a smoker who is likely to get ill more often and die younger. Your children will also not suffer secondhand smoke which can affect their health while they growing up. People have been known to stop smoking in their nineties because they have seen how it is affecting the health of their children and grandchildren.

2) If you manage to give up smoking you will soon notice a substantial difference to your health. You might suffer less coughing, breathlessness and wheeziness. Your body will work more efficiently as all your organs will be getting optimum oxygen levels.

3) Quitting is easier than you think if you are prepared to work at it. There are many ways of giving up smoking, for example nicotine replacement therapy or choosing not to smoke every day so that over time gradually reduce the amount of tobacco that is consumed is very effective. Every time you go without a cigarette or cut down on them is one step closer towards quitting and is a habit that is easier to keep up.

4) You save money if you give up smoking and there is no risk of wasting your cash on an addiction which is both harming yourself and others around you. A packet of cigarettes is very expensive and if you buy them every day can soon add up, especially when you get serious illness such as cancer or heart disease. Give the money back to your family by buying presents with it rather than destructive cigarettes.

5) Smokers have a greater risk of developing illnesses such as lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease and infertility in women. Therefore the sooner they give up the healthier their body is less likely to become diseased in later life . is never too late to stop smoking is is always never too late to stop smoking is is never ever too late to give up is it ever too late to give up is it ever too late to quit is is