How many miles should I run to lose weight?

First, how much do you weigh now? And how much would you like to weigh when running the number of miles you are planning on running each week?

Once you have that information, take your current weight and divide it by 2.5 (if you want to lose 1lb per week) and multiply it by how many miles you would like to run each week. This is how many calories you are burning per mile.

How many miles should I run a week?

Now take how many calories are burned in one mile and multiply that by 7, which how many total calories you would be burning each week if running your suggested mileage.

Lastly, multiply how many calories you want to be burning a week by how many weeks you have until your goal weight. This number should help you figure how much weight you will lose each week.

However, it’s important to note that this method does not account for burning fat versus muscle.

*NOTE: If you have been running regularly before, how much have you been running a week? This will help you figure how many calories you should be burning overall. If your answer is 0, then how long to run to lose weight doing this method could help.*

For example: if the person wanted to lose 1 pound per week and weighed 185lbs; 185/2.5 = 72.7 x how many miles per week = 72.7 x how many miles per week = 525 calories/mile * 7= 3865 calories/week

3865 calories / how many weeks to lose weight (185lbs)= how many lbs of fat each week. If this is the average, then the person should lose 1 pound each week.

However, this does not take how much you weigh now and how much you want to weigh when running the number of miles you are planning on running each week.

So using the same example, if the person weighed 185lbs they would be only burning about 362 calories/mile at that weight so they would need to run how many miles weekly to burn how many calories to lose how much weight in how many weeks.

I would start by running however far it takes to get my heart pumping and then do a little more each week until I was happy with how many miles I was running each week along with how much weight I had lost or how fast.

It is also important to note how much food you ate each day along with how much exercise you did.

I would also get my diet checked every few weeks to make sure I wasn’t eating too little or too much.

The how many miles should I run a week to lose weight method can be very helpful but it should not replace your doctor’s advice.